Friday Five: What’s New in My Life

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This January has been very busy for me so far – and I’ve actually already fulfilled some of my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions!  It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to share what’s new in my life.


1. Social Media Manager with Special Events Institute

I accepted a side role as Social Media Manager with the Special Event Institute! I have really loved managing social media for my blog and have developed a passion for understanding how the use of social media can drive business. I am truly honored to have this role. It is SO exciting to be working with the amazing planner, Jill S. Moran, CSEP. Remember a couple Christmas’ ago, I mentioned that I bought a book on running a home-office based event planning company. Well coincidentally Jill wrote that book titled How to Start a Home-based Event Planning Business!!

JS Moran, CSEP


2. Education with the Special Events Institute

I was taking event planning courses with my local community college. Upon learning about the Special Events Institute (SEI) that Jill S. Moran founded, I decided that this educational program would be much more beneficial to me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting a very good education from the community college. In the past 3 weeks that I’ve been with SEI, I’ve learned more than I ever did with my college! Plus I have loved having the ability to take courses all online – it works much better with my hectic schedule. If any of you are considering getting a certificate with an online education course, I highly recommend Special Events Institute. The professors and classmates are active online, and the course is designed to keep you on track but with flexibility.

Special Events Institute


3. Shammie had emergency surgery

Thank you all so much for your warm wishes and prayers for my little dog, Shammie. Last Friday morning, I noticed that Shammie was having trouble going to the bathroom – the night before he couldn’t keep his food down. After hearing him make the most awful and sad noise that I’ve ever heard him make, I decided to rush him to the vet at North Carrollton Veterinary Hospital. Shammie had two kidney stones that were blocking his bladder. He couldn’t relieve himself and his bladder ended up tearing (that was when he made the awful, sad noise.) Shammie went into emergency surgery Friday morning to get the toxins removed as well as the kidney stones. One more hour and he could’ve been dead. I was devastated and absolutely beside myself. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I got a call that Shammie was waking up and was in recovery. Dr. Calhoun and his team did a WONDERFUL job – little Shammie couldn’t have been in better hands in this situation. Shammie is now home with me and my family. He has four layers of sutures and the “cone of shame” but nevertheless, he’s on the mend and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Shammie after surgery, Saturday morning - 1.25.14

Shammie after surgery, Saturday morning – 1.25.14


4. Social Tables Contributor

I am Social Tables‘ newest blog contributor. Some of you may remember that I was writing for Miss A | Charity Meets Style weekly for the Weddings & Entertaining section. As much as I enjoyed writing for Miss A, the frequency was very hard to keep up. When I got offered to write for Social Tables on a monthly basis, I was thrilled – I am personally a huge fan of the site and blog. Their initiatives better fit mine as well as their expectations for writing frequency.

social tables


5. JLCC’s Trinkets to Treasures

As Assistant PR Chair for Junior League of Collin County’s Trinkets to Treasures, I’ve been keeping busy. With the rummage sale right around the corner on April 5, I’ve been helping to design Shopping Certificates using Canva and preparing email/social media blasts. This past Saturday was the first drop-off of new and gently used items. It sure takes a village for this event to succeed but it’s so worth it. It’s nice to finally be doing and not just talking about it! Plus I’ve gotten to do some spring cleaning early, which is always a good thing!

T2T Logo_2014


~Have a wonderful weekend!~



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  1. Andi says:

    LOVED this Friday Five! I really enjoy your entertaining and informative blog! Thank you!!

  2. brit3588 says:

    Thank you Andi! I really appreciate it. XO, Brittany

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